SCDL Project Report
  • PGDBA Business and Finance


We provide SCDL Main Exam’s solved question paper sets, containing questions which are most frequently & currently asked in SCDL Main Exams. (These questions never come in Internal Assignments, so No Site can provide you these questions)

With our 12 years experience with SCDL, these questions are well compiled, regularly updated and segregated, which are easy to learn and retain by a student.

For example:- In the first part of our notes there is compilation of solved Match the Followings, then the MCQs and later solved single choice questions, fill in the blanks, true/false questions and last but not the least the Theory questions.

The entire 4 match the followings (that carry 16 marks) plus at least 30 marks paper i.e. 45 marks (out of 70 marks) will 100% trap from our data.

All images are used for reference only